You can download the latest /dist code directly from our GitHub repository v0.0.4-alpha (latest).

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SASS/SCSS Customization

To speed up your form customization we have added a SCSS support with several pre-built SCSS stylesheet templates.

Each main scss template has some comments added that will guide you which is the best starting option for you.

No matter which stylesheet template you decide to use you have the full freedom and flexibility to extend and customize it to meet you needs.

Note: _variables.scss contains all the global variables applied to the :root and avaiable thoughout all the stylesheets.

forma.scss template

// _variables.scss
// Define global variables.
@import 'variables';

// _complete.scss
// Fully integrated styleheet that can be customized wtih minimal effort and modification.
@import 'complete';

Note: There are a couple more templates available forma-base.scss, forma-barebone.scss, and forma-boilerplate.scss (take a look at the /src/scss folder in the master GitHub repository).

If you are in the main directory you can run the following command in the terminal to automatically generate your CSS files and watch all the SCSS file changes.

sass --watch src/scss:src/scss/css

Of course to utilize this feature you must have SASS installed and running on your system.