You can download the latest /dist code directly from our GitHub repository v0.0.4-alpha (latest).

Don't forget to give us a ⭐ if you think FormaJS is worthwhile and we should continue improving on it.

NPM Integration

FormaJS is also avialble as a NPM package called aformajs.

The following command line sequence will install the FormaJS NPM package with SASS and SASS-loader dependencies.

Then you can start customizing your selected stylehseet template and integrate the script within your project.

mkdir my-project-name
cd my-project-name
npm init
npm i aformajs --save
cd node_modules/aformajs
sass --watch src/scss:src/scss/css

... and you are all set! Editing src/scss files will generate your custom styles under src/scss/css.

Note: We assume you have the latest NPM + SASS versions installed on your machine.