You can download the latest /dist code directly from our GitHub repository v0.0.4-alpha (latest).

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Supported Elements

Supported form elements are: input text, email, number, password, url, and date, single select and textarea.

Very soon I plan to add built-in support for checkbox, radio and file input types as well as multiple selects.


Using a custom CSS stylesheet build on top of the forma-boilerplate.css template. Take a look at the code on our GitHub repository.


<form class="forma">
  <input data-label="Full Name" type="text" />
  <input data-label="Email Address" type="email" />
  <input data-label="Age" type="number" />
  <input data-label="Website" type="url" />
  <input data-label="Password" type="password" />
  <input data-label="Birth Date" type="date" />
  <select data-label="Gender">
    <option value="">select</option>
  <textarea data-label="Bio" rows="5"></textarea>


  auto: true,